Estimated Age 1m as per 20/04/21
Sex Male
Breed Indie
Weight 1.6kg
Spayed/neutered No
Vaccinated (No Records Available)
Personality Chip is an adorable male indie puppy. He was born at our shelter along with his brother Dale on 8 March 2021. Chip is a beautiful boy who is bound to win your hearts with his shiny puppy eyes and a beautiful fur coat. Our handsome little pup enjoys cuddling and is the best friend you are looking for! Since Chip is still very young, he will go to his forever home only once he is over 8 weeks of age. With Chip being a young little pup, how his personality develops mainly on how he is raised. Chip is a healthy and cuddly little boy. He will start with his vaccination and will be neutered when of age. Our adorable pup is looking for a home where he will be loved through all his developmental stages like teething, behaviour corrections, house training etc., and will be showered with love, care and affection. We are looking for a family that will help our Chip grow up into a wonderful dog. Chip will need his family’s help to learn good habits as he grows, and their willingness to put in the time and patience that all puppies require.
Available for adoption in Delhi NCR & Overseas (USA, Canada)
Available for fostering in Delhi NCR.
At KAW, all dogs live in a kennel-free environment and co-exist with the 120+ dogs at the shelter. As the shelter currently works only with dogs, we cannot comment on the behaviour around cats, other small animals, or the prey drive. Once moved into a home there can be a shift in behaviour due to the new environment and personalized attention.
Reach out to [email protected] for additional queries. .