KAW Adoption Form

KAW Adoption Form

This form covers all possible questions the KAW team would have about people considering adoption. If you don't understand a question please message us for clarification. As we deal primarily with dogs, many of the questions are specific to them.

This section covers basic information we require from potential adopters, as well as contact details.

If your phone number is inaccurate we will not be able to contact you. Our team will contact you twice, following which if there is no response, we will mark your inquiry as cancelled.

If you are under 25 and living with your parents, we will be speaking to them to ensure they have provided their consent to the adoption.

Please check if Out of NCR adoptions will be considered for the dog in question. If they are not being considered for that particular dog, or you are filling a general/unsure form, you will not be contacted.

Complete address inclusive of house/flat number, neighbourhood, city etc.

Please mention the Name of the animal(s) below after visiting our website. We only handle adoptions of our own KAW rescues.

E.g. companion for yourself / friend for another companion animal/ for children ? (Foster options may write their reason for fostering)

House-checks will be mandatory in order for us to determine whether the area is suitable for a dog to grow up in, as well as follow-up visits. An adoption contract will also be signed.