Why Sponsor

Kannan Animal Welfare works on some of the most medically complicated cases found in the National Capital Region of India every year, and additionally works on feeding, vaccinating, and sterilizing strays. Sponsorships help all animals that come to Kannan Animal Welfare by offsetting the costs of providing food, shelter, enrichment and veterinary care. Sponsoring a dog is a great way to help, whether the dog is in a shelter or lucky enough to be in a foster home. Click Here For More Details.

Many dogs rescued by KAW cannot be put back out on the street and do not get adopted, therefore we need to provide them with a forever home at the shelter. We need your help to ensure we have enough funds to make their lives comfortable.

A lot of animal lovers are unable to have pets due to living arrangement issues, family situations, or the nature of their work. Sponsorship of an animal is a great way to provide care for an animal even when your life doesn’t yet allow you to have one at home.

You can become a sponsor by choosing to donate 2500 on a monthly basis, 7500 quarterly, or 30,000 yearly. Sponsors will receive a photo of and more information about their sponsored dog as updates through the year. Your donation will also cover the amount it may take to get an animal ready for adoption - from the animal's health/behavior assessment and spay/neuter surgery to vaccinations and microchip costs.

To clarify other doubts, please check out our FAQ. FAQ.