Sponsorship FAQ'S

We are excited that you want to sponsor a dog at Kannan Animal Welfare! Your compassion means a lot to our homeless dogs. Below are some frequently asked questions about sponsorship.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]

How many different types of sponsorship are there?

Our sponsorship packages are divided into three categories:

Sponsorship Types Rupees Dollars Pounds Euros
Monthly Rs 2500 $35 £28 €30
Quarterly Rs 7500 $100 £80 €90
Yearly Rs 30000 $400 £315 €350

How do I become a sponsor?

Each dog has a link for sponsorship (listed at the bottom of each dog's page); just click that link and you will be taken to a form and payment gateway. And please remember, that just because a dog already has a sponsor, does NOT mean that you can't sponsor the same dog!

Can I help my sponsorship animal get adopted?

Yes! Sharing your animal’s story and helping him or her find a home is one of the best things you can do for your sponsored pet. Sharing their profile on social media is a great idea, and you can take tips from our adoption coordinators on how to spread the word.

Which animals can I sponsor?

You can sponsor any animal under the care of KAW by looking at the sponsorship gallery. We may also try to set up a visit if you want to come and select an animal to sponsor.

I want an update about my animal. Is that possible?

As the caregivers at the shelter are very busy providing daily care and enrichment for the dogs in critical need, they are not able to provide updates on demand for sponsored animals. However, when you become a KAW pet sponsor you will receive an email which includes a certificate with a photo of your chosen pet. In addition to this, you will receive an email update telling you how your sponsored pet is doing on the following occasions:

  • Dogs birthday
  • Sponsor parents birthday
  • At the beginning of each new year
  • If any important update takes place, related to health or rehoming

If my sponsorship animal is adopted, can I talk to the family who adopted the animal/can I get updates?

The family or adopter may want privacy. However, we do occasionally get their permission to share their stories on social media platforms, so be sure to check!

Can I sponsor another animal once my sponsored animal is adopted?

Every time a pet is happily rehomed you will be able to sponsor another who needs your help for as long as your contribution continues. How this works is every time you get an email telling you your sponsored pet has been happily rehomed, we will suggest another for you to sponsor. We know how hard it can be to choose – they are all so cute and deserving. If you would rather sponsor a different pet all you have to do is click on the link in your sponsorship success email and you will receive an update from your new pet.