Fundraise For KAW

Here are some ideas on creative fundraising to get you started!

Ask people to sponsor a challenge

You can do this individually or collectively with a group of friends. Challenge yourself to a task (book reading, assisting with household chores, running a marathon, spending time at an old age home, abstaining from junk food for a stretch of time etc.) and ask your family and friends to sponsor the challenge. The funds collected from completing the challenge can be channelled to KAW.

Organize a bake/edible goodies sale or put up a drinks stall

This can be done at school, within your residential community, or at a public place like a park. Before you undertake any of these activities, make sure to communicate (through physical and online posters, community chat groups and social media platforms) that funds from these activities will go towards supporting needy animals through KAW.

Make posters or stickers pleading your case and asking for donations

Communication is key! You should make posters, print stickers, draft write ups, and circulate them in your educational institution, place of work, and on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Perform at a community or school event

Stage a musical concert, a play, a dance performance, a magic show or any other talent driven activity. Invite members of your school and residential community as guests. The more rehearsed and professional your performance, the more obligated your guests will be to donate.

Hold activity based gatherings to raise funds

Organize a games evening (Bingo, Pictionary. Scrabble etc.) for your family and friends and get them to donate.

Utilize festivals and special events to collect funds

You and your friends can volunteer to put up Christmas/Diwali decorations in return for a donation to KAW.

Offer services to people

Activities like babysitting, pet sitting, online/in person tutorials, running errands, walking pets, collecting mails for senior citizens etc can all be used to collect funds.

Hold a birthday fundraiser

Birthdays only come once a year, but you can help make a difference in the lives of animals long after you blow out the candles. Use this opportunity as a chance for friends and family to all come together to change lives, by asking them to donate to a cause that is dear to you in lieu of giving presents.


ImpactGuru is KAW's official partner for online fundraising. For information about how to use ImpactGuru click the how it works tab on the homepage.

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You can follow these few simple steps to optimize the output and effectiveness of your fundraiser.

1. Determine the amount you want to raise

Set a target in terms of the amount to be collected. The best way to accomplish this would be to go to our website (link for website) and choose to either raise funds for a specific animal (eg: abandoned dog with paralysis) or a project (eg: putting up coolers in the dog sanctuary to keep the animals comfortable in the summers). This will give you and those who wish to donate a clear idea of the total funds to be collected

2. Create/post a compelling story with a personal touch

Talk about how you got to know of KAW, why it’s activities are close to your heart and need support. Mention a story of your interactions with and love for sick/abandoned animals. Detail the activities done by KAW, how many animals have been rescued by the organization, talk about success stories against all odds, and how many people have dedicated their efforts to this cause.

3. Communicate, thank and follow up!

After each fundraiser ends and donations have been collected, reach out to each donor to thank them and update them on the total funds collected and how the funds will be utilized. Always maintain a mailing list of all the donors and share those email IDs with KAW once your fundraiser is complete. Remember that a person who has donated once for a cause is a potential donor for similar causes in the future. If possible send greetings to donors on special occasions (holidays, birthdays, anniversaries) to create more awareness and engagement.


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