Our Team

How did Kannan Animal Welfare begin?

Kannan Animal Welfare began as a project of the trust, Kannan Foundation. Kannan Foundation was registered as a trust on the 25th of February, 2015 to help both animals and humans.

Kannan Foundation’s animal welfare project took off in a big way, and it was named Kannan Animal Welfare to give it its own identity, while Kannan Foundation continued to do its work in villages for humans.

While KAW started in 2015 with a very small centre to keep around 20 dogs, in the last 5 years KAW expanded quickly in terms of scope of work, size, and recognition.

In 2020, the Kannan Foundation board decided that KAW should become its own legal entity focusing on animal welfare work exclusively. It was converted from a project to a nonprofit company formed under Section 8.

Why was Kannan Animal Welfare founded?

KAW began with the idea that quality care was deserved by all animals.

In 2014, our founder Vandana Anchalia lost 37 rescue dogs in different shelters across NCR. She felt strongly that animal welfare should be held to standards of quality and strays should not receive subpar care.

Humans have the option of quality medical care when the situation demands it, but stray animals almost never have that, no matter how difficult their situation is. KAW aims to provide that care to the dogs most in need and see them through to a full recovery, and a happy life.

We have helped 1000+ dogs in the most pitiable conditions imaginable, and rehomed 120 dogs overseas.

What is our goal?

Our dream in the next ten years is to open a sanctuary for animals with an in-house hospital.

However, we feel strongly that our true purpose will not be fulfilled until organisations like KAW are no longer needed. Our real dream is that the work we do is not required because animals are well cared for and respected.

Our team knows that we have a long way to go, and we are constantly trying to improve on ourselves, streamline our efforts, and collaborate with like-minded people to achieve our goals. Through individual and community efforts, we hope to one day see our dream fulfilled.