Corporate Partnership

Why engage in CSR with KAW?

Animals have long been treated as secondary citizens by law and society, largely due to humans’ inability – and often, our insufficient will – to empathize with them. Yet in many cultures, animals have been associated with Gods, and people caring for them are seen as performing holy work. In the recent past, humans have forgotten about the importance of animal welfare, evident from the global increase in animal cruelty cases.

Thankfully, in the last decade or so, what has become apparent is the rise in support which people are providing to cease the plight of the voiceless. This reorientation of care toward our nonhuman relatives has started to effect gradual change at the systemic level, where animal welfare has once again become an element of the public’s morality. We at KAW have done our best to be a part of this change.

Since its inception, our team has taken in extreme cases denied by other organizations, such as those which had been designated for euthanasia and deemed untreatable. We ensure that we care for them until the very end – in some cases, even after they have been rehomed. We have also facilitated a substantial number of international adoptions and maintain strong partnerships with animal welfare organizations in other countries, where our Indian dogs have won hearts. The trust of people has allowed us to fulfill our goals and provide us with the necessary influence to make a real difference. We truly believe that our work and mission can help corporates leave a mark in the minds of people.

How will your partnership help us?

Because of the kind of cases we take in, we have significant financial and material needs throughout the year. We depend heavily on donations from different sources to pay our staff, maintain the shelter, and clear medical bills on time. In the past, we have faced emergency situations in which we had to consider a shut down due to insufficient funds. Luckily, public support allowed us to keep going – but these times have also made us realize that donations are irregular and we will not be able to depend on them alone.

Your contribution in the form of CSR will not only assist us in caring for our regular KAW babies, but also in extending our reach to the accelerating number of help requests we have been receiving – so much so that we hope to construct a second center to accommodate the urgent need for increased capacity and to provide our long-term residents with ample space to live and play. CSR would also critically support our sterilization drives, which will limit the number of unhoused dogs in Delhi NCR and thereby strengthen relations between human and animal residents of its communities.

Our organization would also happily accept in-kind donations based on our needs at the time. Such donations would benefit our community feeders tremendously, with whom we coordinate through our feeder support program, as well as the community dogs for which the feeders provide regular care. In addition, we welcome volunteers at the shelter, who can support staff activity and spend the day with our rescued dogs. On a broader scale, your partnership will help us fulfill our organizational mission by enhancing the visibility and urgency of animal welfare issues among the public and by endorsing the movement to improve and transform human relations with animals.

Looking through our website will demonstrate further the various ways in which we help the voiceless and the areas to which your organization can contribute.

To approach us for a corporate partnership or to clarify any other doubts, please feel free to contact us:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91-9999670042

What do you gain from engaging in CSR?

The trust of the public

Any business that strives for success relies on the trust which it builds among people, whether within the organization or within communities. Crucially, this trust is based on both the quality of service which a corporate provides and the value which it adds to society.

The essence of human success lies in giving back to the world what it gave you. General trust in industries and corporations is declining, due to the impression that wealth is hoarded by this particular section of society. Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the only ways to regain and maintain trust with current and potential consumers.

Employee satisfaction

There is a rise in depression and dissatisfaction among people – a byproduct of the pervasive and escalating nature of problems in the world, as well as the perceived inability to immediately and impactfully contribute toward addressing them. Younger generations specifically advocate transitioning away from this systemic business structure, partly rooted in their frustration with the corporate focus on material gains without the accompanying prioritization of employee wellbeing and social impact

To this end, contributions which a company makes via CSR help them in retaining and attracting talent, as it ensures that the employee’s work ultimately has moral and social value too.

Positive influence on society

In addition to the above are the usual benefits of CSR. These include promotional growth through the influence which any beneficiary holds over public imagination, along with supporting the impact or the movement which the beneficiary endeavors to effect or build toward. Corporates that engage in CSR therefore become a part of influencing positive change in society and create a long-term track record of social impact.

Moreover, the cost benefits in operations and tax-cuts which the government provides on CSR percentages offer significant financial advantages to corporates. Both ethically and pragmatically, CSR is an opportunity with myriad benefits for the providing organization.

How can we help you?

If you are a dog-loving organization, and if you have community dogs or pets in the area surrounding your office complex, we are more than happy to provide whatever form of assistance that we can. For instance, we can extend our sterilization program to animals residing near your office complex, conduct health check-ups to ensure their health and determine whether medical treatment may be required, and work with other animal-lovers in the community to establish a nearby feeder support program. Please reach out to us if you would like to partner with our dedicated staff and if you hope to strengthen animal welfare in your office community – all forms of care originate close to home!