Corporate Partnership

Why engage in CSR with KAW?

Animals for long have been treated as secondary citizens by law and society largely due to humans’ inability to empathize with them. Yet in many cultures animals have been attached to Gods, and people caring for them are seen as doing holy work. In the recent past, humans forgot about the importance of animal welfare, visible from the increased number of animal cruelty cases globally.

Thankfully in the last decade or so, what has become apparent is the rise in support that people are providing to the plight of the voiceless. This has started bringing a slow but steady change in the system’s approach to animal welfare. Animal welfare has therefore become a part of the public’s morality. We at KAW have done our best to be a part of this change.

Since its inception, our team has taken in extreme cases denied by other organizations that had been recommended for euthanasia and deemed untreatable. We ensure we care for them till the very end (in some cases, even after they have been rehomed). We have also done a large number of international adoptions and have partnerships with animal welfare organisations in other countries, where our Indian dogs have won hearts. The trust of people has allowed us to fulfill our goals and provide us with influence needed to make a real difference. We truly believe that we can help corporates leave a mark in the minds of people.

How will your partnership help us?

Because of the kind of cases we take in, our financial needs through the year are high. We depend a lot on donations from different sources to pay our staff, maintain the shelter, and clear medical bills on time. In the past, we have faced emergency situations where we had to consider a shut down due to lack of funds. What allowed us to keep going was public support- but these times also made us realize that donations are irregular and we will not be able to depend on them alone.

Your contribution in the form of CSR will not only help us take care of our regular KAW babies but also extend our reach to the increasing number of help requests we have been getting. Our organisation would also happily accept in-kind donations based on our needs at the time.

We welcome volunteers at the shelter, who can spend the day with our rescued dogs and support staff activity by providing them with care.

Going through our website will help you understand different ways we help the voiceless and areas that your organisation can contribute in.

To approach us for a corporate partnership or to clarify any other doubts, please feel free to contact us:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91-9999670042