Help Us Build Our Second Kaw Care Center

Our team has always had plans to expand so we can help even more animals, and those plans are finally coming to fruition.
We plan on getting the semi-constructed area we have acquired up and running by early 2021. Puppies and senior dogs will be shifted from our current centre to the second one, so that more room is created for rescue cases to be brought in.
Our senior dogs are permanent residents and our puppies usually are waiting for adoption, either abroad or locally. Therefore our second centre will also be where rehoming evaluations, meetings, and training takes place.
Additionally, we foresee a significant jump in the number of dogs we can take in once this centre opens up. Our priority will always remain helping sick and injured animals, and we are focused on increasing our capacity to help them.
We need 30 lakhs to complete our vision of opening a second centre!
With your support, we know we can make it happen.
You can donate directly on main link or donate for below items as per your wish.