What’s better than a Desi Dog Reunion in October?

By Kay Ward 

A Desi Dog Reunion in November! So many excited Desi dog owners had been counting down the days to meet the dogs and their owners from The Desi Dogs of OPH Facebook page. The date was originally planned for October with location, dogs, and food all set. The dog park selected was a central area for those living in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. However, the weather didn’t cooperate and the October reunion had to be postponed. So many disappointed dogs and people! Instead of enjoying what was supposed to be a beautiful day watching our dogs play with other Desi dogs we were stuck in our homes with a day of non-stop rain. There was also the chore of eating gobs of potato salad, dips, meatballs, cookies, brownies, etc. from the food everyone made for the reunion. The reunion was rescheduled and we were all back to counting the days again. 

The counting ended, the day arrived, and the weather was glorious! What a superb day! The dog park was HUGE and allowed the dogs plenty of room to explore and play. The adults had great conversations (all revolving around our amazing Desi dogs) and we were able to put names to faces from the Facebook page. There were 12-15 Desi dogs there at any one time and with the exception of minor corrections the dogs acted like a well-behaved pack. They darted all over the park, politely begged for treats from the humans, made new 2-, 3-, and 4-legged friends, and absorbed plenty of sunshine. I’m sure all the dogs immediately fell asleep in the car on their ride home (I know our Desi dog, Bruce, was sound asleep the entire 90 minute ride home)! Once the 2020 Desi Dog Reunion date is selected the countdown will gladly begin again! 

Those happy, jumping, running, playful dogs at the reunion were all rescued by KAW! Their lives drastically changed for the positive when they entered KAW’s doors. They were healed, fed, and loved by everyone within those saving walls! KAW’s dedication to saving the street dogs of India was the reason we were being entertained by our remarkable family members romping around the dog park! Our Desi dogs bring joy to our lives, smiles to our faces, and happiness to hearts! Thank you KAW!