Sponsored by Meghana Sundaresan & Pramodh Natarajan
Estimated Age 1y as per 15/04/21
Sex Female
Breed Indian Pariah
Weight 15.2kg
Spayed/neutered Yes
Vaccinated Up to date (Records Available)
Personality Our gorgeous Nele is a one-year-old desi girl, who was born at the shelter with her four sisters. Their mom Brownie came to us with a large tumor, and due to the size of it, her pregnancy went undetected. Regardless, our five girls were born healthy and safe. Now the beautiful family stays at the shelter waiting for their forever home. Nele is the sweetheart of our shelter, though she does not open up immediately, as she gets more comfortable with you start to see her stunning personality come out. She enjoys cuddles and prancing around the shelter, as well as running around and playing with her sisters. With her enchanting soft brown eyes and beautiful white and caramel fur, Nele is truly an adorable puppy. Nele is quite small as of now and is likely to stay on the smaller side even as she grows. As a puppy, she requires someone who is ready to be patient with her and give her the time, attention, and affection she needs to open up and to develop her delightful personality.
Available for adoption in Delhi NCR & Overseas (USA, Canada)
Available for fostering in Delhi NCR.
At KAW, all dogs live in a kennel-free environment and co-exist with the 120+ dogs at the shelter. As the shelter currently works only with dogs, we cannot comment on the behaviour around cats, other small animals, or the prey drive. Once moved into a home there can be a shift in behaviour due to the new environment and personalized attention.
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