Estimated Age 9y as per 22/01/21
Sex Male
Breed Indian
Weight 15kgs
Spayed/neutered Yes
Vaccinated Up to date (Records Available)
Personality Kali came to our center back in 2015, she didn’t come alone. She came along with her daughter Chia, who was later adopted and is now living in the United States with her family. Kali was rescued immediately overnight as her leg was broken, and it wasn’t safe for her or her daughter to stay on the roads. After the rescue, she was taken to MaxVets and then underwent an extremely difficult pining-plating surgery. We knew that her road to recovery was going to be a long journey for her and so there was no way we could’ve released her back. She had struggled enough as her first surgery didn’t go well, and she was then operated on again for a second surgery. But KAW never gives up on its babies, we had faith in her, and little did we know how great of a fighter she was. She survived and overcame a major surgery. It’s been 5 years now and our girl Kali is living her life to the fullest! Our sweet, old girl is a true survivor. She braved through major surgery, and is now living her life 'queen-size'! She is calm and loves to be around humans. We are looking for a family who can give her all the love and affection that she deserves.
Available for adoption in Delhi NCR & Overseas (USA, Canada)
Available for fostering in Delhi NCR.
At KAW, all dogs live in a kennel-free environment and co-exist with the 120+ dogs at the shelter. As the shelter currently works only with dogs, we cannot comment on the behaviour around cats, other small animals, or the prey drive. Once moved into a home there can be a shift in behaviour due to the new environment and personalized attention.
Reach out to [email protected] for additional queries. .