Sponsored by Samarat Mahajan
Estimated Age 4y as per 20/01/21
Sex Female
Breed Indian Pariah
Weight 17 kgs
Spayed/neutered Yes
Vaccinated Up to date (Records Available)
Personality Becca was a victim of unforgivable abuse when she was rescued in June 2018. She had deep lesions that had burnt off most of her skin, all because someone threw searing hot water/acid at her. To make things worse, this exposure had also led to a maggot infestation. This horrifying course of events led to Becca shutting off and resisting treatment. Thankfully, she eventually opened up and we were able to nurse her back to health. Becca has successfully completed two years with us and by now, she has learned to get over her fear of humans. She shows warm regards for everyone around her and is very docile. Becca’s vaccinations are up to date and she is spayed. She would make for an amazing companion and deserves all the love and care.
Available for adoption in Delhi NCR & Overseas (USA, Canada)
Available for fostering in Delhi NCR.
At KAW, all dogs live in a kennel-free environment and co-exist with the 120+ dogs at the shelter. As the shelter currently works only with dogs, we cannot comment on the behaviour around cats, other small animals, or the prey drive. Once moved into a home there can be a shift in behaviour due to the new environment and personalized attention.
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