Estimated Age 2y as per 21/03/21
Sex Male
Breed Pomeranian
Weight 8kgs
Spayed/neutered Yes
Vaccinated Up to date (Records Available)
Personality Our gorgeous boy Aspen is a sweet and friendly dog. He is a male Pomeranian who came to KAW in August 2020 with a terrible skin condition. Aspen was abandoned outside a shelter in Delhi and found by some kind people who wanted to find him a safe place to recover. At the time of rescue he had very little fur. With regular treatment, he has recovered, and the majority of his fur has grown back beautifully. Aspen loves playing with his friends at the centre and is generally good around other dogs, though he prefers the company of females. He is friendly with people and allows himself to be picked up and hugged. He absolutely loves to be cuddled and sit on laps. Because of his size, he will do well in smaller houses or apartments as long as he is given adequate exercise. He is sterilized, vaccinated, and generally healthy. His skin needs to be taken care of to ensure there are no relapses of his previous condition, but otherwise he does not require any special treatment. With his recovery going well, we feel that now is a good time to find our boy his forever family. Aspen is currently at our shelter and is in search of a home!
Available for adoption in Delhi NCR & Overseas (USA, Canada)
Available for fostering in Delhi NCR.
At KAW, all dogs live in a kennel-free environment and co-exist with the 120+ dogs at the shelter. As the shelter currently works only with dogs, we cannot comment on the behaviour around cats, other small animals, or the prey drive. Once moved into a home there can be a shift in behaviour due to the new environment and personalized attention.
Reach out to [email protected] for additional queries. .