Why Rescue Desi Dogs?
An article by Operation Paws for Homes

Operation Paws for Homes (OPH) is a nonprofit organization devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of dogs who have overcome great odds and deserve caring forever homes. OPH primarily rescues dogs from overcrowded shelters in the southern part of the United States and places them in adoptive homes in the Washington DC area. 

In addition to this work in the U.S., OPH also rescues a small number of street dogs from other countries, primarily India. Why do we do this? OPH believes in helping deserving dogs regardless of circumstances or location -- in our eyes, a rescue has no borders or boundaries. Dogs living on the street often live in terrible conditions, dying from disease, malnutrition, and car accidents. Many of the dogs we have brought from India have amputated limbs after being badly injured by vehicles or other accidents. 

The “ripple effect” 

We in no way think that we are going to change the reality of street dogs in India or elsewhere by bringing a handful to the U.S. to be rehomed. But in bringing over a small number of dogs, we are able to contribute to a larger goal of demonstrating to people in the dog's native countries that they are desirable pets with wonderful qualities. We are also able to give hope and encouragement to the people in India and other countries who are trying to help these dogs. Just imagine how much it means to them to see a dog that they have saved from the worst circumstances flourish in a loving home. The point is not just to save a small number of dogs, but to improve the circumstances of the tens of thousands of dogs on the streets in India by changing the way they are viewed locally. This is the “ripple effect” we hope to have in our international work. 

The dogs we rescue are generally dogs that have been admitted to KAW in puppyhood, typically due to injuries or separation from their mother. These puppies cannot be returned to life on the streets. By bringing young adoptable dogs to the U.S., we create space at KAW to save more critically injured dogs. 

Health and temperament screening 

While they have suffered on the streets, these dogs are fully vetted and vaccinated before they come to the United States. KAW, our rescue partner in India, provides excellent veterinary care to the dogs in their care. We comply with all Centers for Disease Control and U.S. Department of Agriculture government rules regarding vaccines and health inspections. 

OPH is very selective about our organizational partners to ensure the dogs slated for international adoptions are screened thoroughly for medical issues and temperament. Like all of our dogs, our international dogs are matched with volunteer foster homes before being adopted into permanent, loving placements. The dogs we have brought from overseas have become beloved pets of adopters who value the intelligence, beauty, and loyalty of these amazing dogs. 

OPH considers international work to be an important complement to our efforts to help dogs in the U.S. Need knows no boundaries, and our volunteers and adopters have more than enough generosity and kindness to extend help to dogs in desperate conditions living in other countries such as India.