Spay & Neuter

Spay & Neuter

Spaying/Neutering is the only humane way to control overpopulation of millions of stray dogs around us. By getting a community dog spayed/neutered you are saving lives of thousands of dogs who otherwise would have died homeless on streets. We at KAW have a very transparent and stringent procedure to conduct Spay & Neuter. We would be happy to collaborate with your RWA & individual caretakers to work on sterilization and immunization of dogs in their area. We wish to elaborate on the process and cost Spaying/Neutering of dogs undertaken at KAW.


  • 1.) KAW ambulance would come and pick up the dogs from the target area. We however require local caretakers/feeders to help us locate and catch the dog.
  • 2.) A blood test is conducted to ascertain if the dog is fit enough to undergo surgery.
  • 3.) If the blood reports show any concern, a repeat test is conducted after requisite medication is administered for whatever period as advised by vet.
  • 4.) In case the blood reports are clear the dog undergoes surgery and stays with us minimum 4 days for post-operative care.
  • 5.) Before releasing the dogs, we also vaccinate them against rabies.
  • 6.) A minimum of 2 dogs must be picked on day of pick up.

The charge of neutering/spaying one dog at KAW is 2500/- which includes:

  • 1.) Pick & Drop
  • 2.) Blood Test
  • 3.) Surgery
  • 4.) Post Op/Antibiotics/Medicines
  • 5.) Food

If the number of dogs is 20 and above, we would like to visit the area to understand the location of the dogs and their territory. Please feel to get in touch with us at